Palm Bay Estate

Palm Bay estate is 13,007 hectares of land as part of the concession as well as expansion areas totalling 20,234 hectares of which 50% is set aside for outgrower programmes. The concession was enacted into law for 50 years by the Parliament of Liberia in 2008.

The establishment of nurseries and planting of new oil palms is part of the strategy to fully develop the concession. The first nursies were developed in 2010 and our first 1,200 hectares of planting took place in 2011.

Palm Bay is 160 kilometres south east of the Liberian capital of Monrovia and only 25 kilometres from the deep water port of Buchanan which now functions as a fully operational port. EPO’s local Liberian subsidiary has signed a lease for land with the National Port Authority of Liberia adjacent to the port of Buchanan in order to establish a tank farm and loading facility for the export of our oil palm products.

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