CSR Strategy

EPO’s long-term aim is to be a world-class successful sustainable palm oil producer. A critical element of this ambition is its commitment to conduct its business responsibly.

Sustainable palm oil production

The Company believes that the sourcing of crude sustainable palm oil will be a key factor in the global palm oil market going forward. Many large end users of crude palm oil including Nestle, Tesco, Unilever and McDonald’s have committed themselves to purchasing only sustainable palm oil in the medium and long-term. EPO, through its JV partner KLK, is a member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). As part of its commitments as a member of this organisation, it is eager to contribute to the sizeable annual increase in global palm oil production that adheres to its standards. EPO has developed policies and procedures in line with RPSO’s eight principles and thirty nine criteria which are recognised as being industry best practice. The Company considers this approach both to be a significant investment in the long-term supply of sustainable crude palm oil and the biodiversity of its area of operation in Liberia.

Our main areas of impact and opportunity

The Company’s approach to responsible business focuses on five areas of related impact and opportunity. They are: the environment, health and safety, employees, the local communities in which the company operates, and business conduct.

Policy, management systems and reporting development

For each area the Company is developing policies to govern its approach, management systems to ensure that its policies are being adhered to, and key indicators to report and measure its performance. This process will be closely monitored by its senior management team and its progress so far is disclosed elsewhere on this website.


EPO welcomes feedback to its CSR strategy, policies, systems and performance.

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